North Korea Committed To Denuclearisation Provided Sanctions Lifted

North Korea’s chairman Kim Jong Un made his annual New Year’s address in Pyongyang. His address to the nation was closely watched by the world.

Kim Jong Un said North Korea was committed to denuclearisation but warned of a change of course if the United States continued sanctions. He also reiterated that North Korea had already pledged not to make, use or spread nuclear weapons and had taken concrete steps to implement this.

The supreme leader’s address was primarily focused to a domestic audience. His address all this while use to be on domestic issues, and economy.

Kim’s speech mentioned his meeting with United States President Donald Trump, and his summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The North Korean leader also made it clear that he was ready to meet Donald Trump once again this year.

The sanctions on North Korea in relation to its banned nuclear and ballistic missile weapons programmes still remain.

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