North Korea bans leather coats that copy style of supreme leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea banned leather coats that copy the style of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, Radio Free Asia reported.

Kim Jong Un popularized the leather jacket in 2019, with the clothing initially worn by rich people who could afford the pricey item.

However, fake leather was soon imported so the jacket could be worn by those with less money, which frustrated the North Korean leader.

“When these leather coats became popular, the law enforcement authorities went after the companies that made the coats that look too much like the Highest Dignity’s,” the agency quoted a source.

A military parade in North Korea in January showed all the high ranking officials wearing leather jackets, sparking even more interest in the material.

However, literal fashion police have worked to confiscate the fake leather jackets in markets and directly from people wearing them.

Citizens have complained saying it is not fair to take a jacket they paid for with money.

The leather jacket has also been worn by Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, who is speculated to be his chosen successor, according to the outlet.