North Carolina father becomes multi-millionaire during lunch break

A North Carolina father stepped out for lunch and returned being a multimillionaire.

James Belich picked up a lottery ticket while on his midday break, scratched it in the store and discovered he’d won US$ 10 million.

While speaking to lottery officials Belich said, “You never expect it. You think maybe you’ll win something, but not US $10 million. It’s unbelievable.”

After taxes and fees, he’s bringing home about US$ 4.2 million. Belich said that he and his wife will use part of the money to pay off their bills and then invest the rest.

Mostly, he’s happy that his two young sons are set for life.

“We may buy a few extra rounds for folks when we go out, but this prize will create a brighter future for our kids. That’s what’s important. It’s awesome, just a blessing,” Belich added.

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