Newer iPad’s expected before iPhone 11 launch

Apple is seeing a severe sales decline, in a bid to improve sales the company is looking to upgrade it’s existing line of products.

Firstly rumoured is the next generation iPad Mini, called the iPad Mini 5. Apple is expected to launch the newer iPad mini with an upgraded processor and a low cost panel. Apple could be including the touch ID on the iPad Mini 5. The iPad Mini range was last upgraded in 2014.

Next, a newer iPad model with a 10 inch display may also be launched. Apple has already given orders for low cost iPad panels to three different firms. The Taiwan based General Interface Solution (GIS) will manufacture about 40% of the touch panels needed for the new iPad, the remaining 60% touch panels will be jointly made by Taiwan based TPK Holding and China-based O-film Technology.

These newer iPads may be revealed during a special event in March 2019.

Also there are speculations of a 7th generation iPod Touch, apple discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle last year.

These new chain of devices are expected this year. The iPad’s would be launched before the reveal of the iPhone 11 in September this year.