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Newborn baptized at funeral of unvaccinated mother who died of Covid-19

A 35-year-old mother died on August 20, due to Covid-19 complications, several days after delivering her baby. Now, the baby is getting baptized at her mother’s funeral in Derry, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom.

Samantha Willis delivered her daughter, Eviegrace, and later died after a 16-day battle with the coronavirus, reports said.

The duo’s baptism and funeral highlight the importance of vaccination for pregnant women.

Now single father Josh Willis has since encouraged people in his family and amongst friends to get vaccinated.

“I will never let anyone forget you and I will remember all the special times and experiences we shared together,” Josh Willis said.

“The children are now my main priority. All I want to do now is make Samantha proud.”

Samantha Willis leaves behind three other children.

Samantha had no underlying health conditions, but she did have concerns about getting vaccinated while pregnant during a time there was no available information regarding its safety.

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about three-fourths of pregnant people in the U.S. have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved COVID-19 vaccines for use in pregnant patients, who are more likely to become severely ill if infected.