New Zealand man lands in court for assaulting fruit vendor with bananas

A man in New Zealand was produced at a district court for carrying out an assault with a bunch of bananas. Yep.

Cesar Robert Scanlan was at Jimmy’s Fruit Mart on November 25 last year when he got into an argument with the vendor about the price of bananas.

Losing his cool, the 43-year-old went for the bananas to hurl them at the fruit mart owner Dinesh Patel. His ‘attack’ brought the seller to the ground, with a scrape being found on one of his arms.

After the scuffle, Scanlan was charged with assault, which carries a maximum of a year’s jail. Police prosecutor Sergeant Mike Stonyer, however, agreed to reduce the charge to ‘disorderly behaviour’, which carries a maximum $1,000 fine.

Scanlan had also pleaded guilty to throwing the bananas.

Wellington District Court judge Tim Black was hearing the case and admitted that it was the first time he had seen “an assault with a weapon being a bunch of bananas”.

Scanlan was finally given a suspended sentence of 6 months.

Interestingly, the cost of the bananas that was the weapon of choice was not included in the summary of facts revealed to the media.

Although a first for Wellington, a person using bananas to carry out attacks is not a novel tactic.

In January 2019, a man from Iowa was arrested and charged with assault for using banana against a convenience store clerk.