New Zealand Instagram model who went on violent rampage at Melbourne night club pleads guilty

A New Zealand Instagram model who went on a violent rampage at a swanky Melbourne night club, spitting on bouncers and kicking in walls before lashing out at police officers plead guilty.

Hannah Pierson, 30, pleaded guilty to six charges including various assaults, public drunkenness and resisting an emergency services worker.

The woman appeared in front of the judge via video-link from New Zealand.

Ms Pierson was having a boozy night out at Crown Casino’s exclusive Club 23 on May 13, 2018, when the wild incident occurred.

Police prosecutor Acting Sergeant James Carfi described the ‘unprovoked’ attack as a ‘volatile and violent situation’.

Staff at the venue first noticed Ms Pierson on the dance floor, where she appeared ‘highly intoxicated’.

Bouncers asked her to leave but she refused to go, forcing security to escort her out the door. But Ms Pierson became violent and spat on a guard as he tried to lead her out.

Security then placed ‘flexible’ handcuffs on Ms Pierson to protect other staff and patrons at the venue. With her hands subdued, she repeatedly kicked bouncers as she was removed.

Once outside the club, in a corridor of the casino, police were called to the situation. They found Ms Pierson passed out but when she woke up she became ‘verbally aggressive’ toward officers.

The Instagram glamour model then kicked in a wall which fell on police, before officers slapped handcuffs on her.

At the time of the rampage Ms Pierson was working in Melbourne.

The magistrate has asked Ms Pierson to return to Melbourne should she have to face a punishment.