New York zoo welcomes extremely rare white kangaroo

A New York zoo welcomed a baby red kangaroo with a rare condition that left park employees shocked.

Cosmo was born with leucism, an incredibly rare condition that causes the partial loss of pigmentation in an animal’s skin and fur. Unlike albinism, leucism does not cause a lack of pigmentation in the eyes.

The baby was born at the animal park in Harpursville five months ago but was removed by keepers from his mother’s pouch for the first time on January 15.

Like other baby kangaroos born the size of a human thumbnail, Cosmo was left to grow in his mother’s pouch for months before being removed to receive his first full medical exam.

“This is the only kangaroo of its kind in existence in North America at this moment, so that’s how rare this is,” park owner Jordan Patch said.

Joey was born to Boomer, a male red kangaroo who has lived at the park for eight years, and Rosie, who joined the park in 2020.

While Cosmo’s genetic makeup should not affect his health, the only danger is that he does not have the ability to camouflage, so he would most likely never survive in the wild.