New type of Vodka is helping fight climate change

A company called Air Co. is making vodka using just air and water.

Air Co. converts carbon from air into pure ethanol, by splitting water into carbon and oxygen, using renewable electricity. The carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms are re-formed on a metal-based catalyst and thus, come pure ethanol.

The idea for this type of vodka was developed by a Yale Ph.D student Stafford Sheehan.

Sheehan said: “The process uses the same principles as photosynthesis in plants, but does so more efficiently.”

Sheehan explained that a mixture is produced the conversion of Air Co. The mixture, which is free from all solids or other constituents, contains approximately 10 percent ethanol.

“Following conversion, we distill the 10 percent ethanol to 96.5 per cent in custom-built, 18-plate vodka still followed by additional proprietary, trade-secret processes to purify and dilute the ethanol to a 40 percent alcohol-by-volume vodka,” he added.

The product is now on sale in USA’s top restaurants and bars and a bottle of it will cost $65.

The firm Air Co hopes to capture excess carbon from the atmosphere and convert it into things of value.