New Jersey: Man detained for 5 killings admits to killing 16 people

A murder suspect in New Jersey, United States wanted for killing five people admitted to killing a total of 16, including his estranged wife.

Sean Lannon is accused of beating Michael Dabkowski to death with a hammer in the victim’s home in East Greenwich Township, New Jersey, along with robbery and burglary. Lannon was arrested as a fugitive earlier this month in Missouri.

Gloucester County prosecutor Alec Gutierrez told the court during a probable cause hearing that, during police questioning after being read his rights, Lannon admitted to killing Dabkowski as well as 15 people in New Mexico, including his estranged wife Jennifer.

“In this Mirandized statement, the defendant did admit to the instances in New Mexico that would be homicides in New Mexico,” said Gutierrez.

“He admitted to the dismemberment of some of the individuals involved in those homicides. He admitted his efforts in an attempt to conceal evidence, I’ll put it, in those homicides. And he admitted to killing a total of 16 people.”

The Albuquerque Police Department previously acknowledged it was going to question Lannon in connection with four dismembered bodies found on local airport property on March 5, one of whom was Jennifer Lannon.

The police department in Lannon’s hometown of Grants, New Mexico, is investigating the deaths of the three other victims.

In a remote court hearing on Friday the judge concluded that Lannon was a flight risk and ordered him to be held without bail.