Netflix introduces 7 pennies promo offer for India

Netflix is running a new promo discount in India that offers the first month at just ₹5 (7 Cents). The offer is only available to select new members who are joining the streaming service, which means not all new users will see it.

Moreover, it’s restricted to those who sign up on computers and Android phones.

For what it’s worth though, it’s applicable to whichever Netflix plan you choose, be it the Rs. 199 “mobile”, Rs. 499 “basic”, Rs. 649 “standard”, or Rs. 799 “premium”.

In a statement Netflix said, ““This is a new marketing promotion designed to help more people discover Netflix.”

“Depending on its success, we may roll it out more widely.”

The new a-month-of-Netflix-for-five-rupees offer essentially replaces the one-month free trial, which was phased out in India in December — given the extremely low cost.