Neo Schalk: Second South African mayor dies in car crash

A second South African mayor has died in a car crash in under three weeks.

Naledi local municipality mayor Neo Schalk was killed on Sunday morning after an accident outside of the town of Vryburg in North West province.

Family spokesperson Tshegetso Boekhouer said the accident happened around 3:00am when Schalk and his wife were driving home from an after tears party.

“Earlier they attended two funerals. They then stayed behind with their friends,” he said.

One of the funerals they attended was that of former Naledi municipal speaker Neo Mathibe.

Local media reported that Schalk’s wife suffered a broken arm and other minor injuries, but was in a stable condition in hospital.

On 18 September Johannesburg’s mayor, Jolidee Matongo, was also killed in a car crash.

Mr Matongo had only become mayor a month earlier following the death of his predecessor from Covid complications.

South Africa experiences a high number of fatalities on the road with one report citing nearly 13,000 deaths in 2018