Neighbor cut tree in half over driveway droppings, constant chirpings

A dispute between two neighbors over nesting birds in the United Kingdom led to a 25-year-old tree being chopped from the middle, which has now become quite a ‘tourist attraction’.

The feud over the boundary began when the tree on the sides of the Mistry family branched out over the side of Graham and Irene Lee in Sheffield, and the irate couple soon cut it in half.

The tree has been there for the past 25 years and trimmed in a ball shape, The Sun reported. The five-meter tall tree has been the centre of the neighbours’ long dispute and last year in March, when the Lees complained about the tree.

The Mistrys said that they were “gutted” after discovering that the retired couple, the Lees, have called in tree loppers to cut the tree exactly in half, from the middle.

The Mistrys earlier pleaded with them not to indulge in such an action, however, the Lees had apparently made up their minds.

Speaking to reporters, Bharat Mistry said that his neighbours started complaining about too many birds in the tree, which reportedly made a mess in their driveway with the droppings. They also alleged that they were disturbed by the constant chirpings.

The Lees started putting black bin liners in the tree to prevent birds from coming. However, birds would have anyway come during this season and, unable to put up with it, the Lees called a tree surgeon to cut it in half.

The Mistrys alleged that the tree was trimmed into a ball shape on a mutual agreement from both sides. However, following the incident, the families have cut off contact with each other.

“We have never had any issues with them before this, we got on fine. Our children would play with their grandchildren when they were younger, we’ve always got on,” said Mr Mistry to The Sun.