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NCP Chief Sharad Pawar Predicts Narendra Modi Won’t Be PM Again

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar who decided to not contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls has turned a pollster for a day.

The former union minister said, “I don’t think that Narendra Modi will become PM again as the BJP will not get the required number in the elections. However, the BJP may emerge as the single largest party which cannot form the government without the support of other political parties. If the BJP takes the support of other parties to form the government, then the parties which support the BJP will look for someone else as their prime minister,” quoting news agency ANI.

The remarks of the NCP chief comes a day after he decided not to run for polls.

In 2014, the BJP secured 283 seats on their own, and with their allies they reached a tally of 326 seats.

Mr Pawar, who retired from electoral politics in 2012, created a stir last month announcing a comeback. His pary made required arrangements by convincing a sitting lawmaker to vacate his seat for Pawar. However on Monday, Pawar changed his mind.

The Lok Sabha elections will take place between 11th April to 19th May. The current Lok Sabha’s term expires on the 3rd of June.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion– One thing for sure is that the BJP won’t get a majority by itself, it needs allies. However the BJP leadership is very good at negotiating and getting parties on the table. The BJP is fighting the current elections with the strengths of Modi, so no matter what the results are Modi will lead BJP if they form government once again.)