Myths of Christianity

There are close to 2 billion people on our planet who are associated with Christ. Christianity by default is known to be a western culture, our world today is surrounded and shaped by the community.

As we step into celebrating the most auspicious occasion in the Christian community, let us closely examine the myths of the religion.

  • Is Christianity Western Culture?  

No, not even western Europe. The origins of  Christianity are in and around central Asia. The world’s top five oldest Churches are in Syria, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. Even China, India and Iraq have older Churches when compared to Northern Europe.

  • Jesus Was The Only Son?

No, Jesus was not the only child of Mary and Joseph. Jesus has 4 brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas and an unknown number of sisters. Jesus’s brother James would go on to become the leader of the community after the death of Jesus.

  • Christian Missions Operate On Orders Of Colonial Powers?

The christian missionaries have always been critical on monarchy. The monarch always needed support of the religious leader in order to lead and run a reign. But yes with long periods of superior monarchy there have been attempts to spread certain religion.

  • Jesus was buried in a tomb

After the crucifixion there are theories that Jesus was brought down from the cross and taken into tomb for burial. However this is not possible in the Roman empire, because the crucifixion primary objective is to stop rebellion and instil fear. Therefore the remains of any public crucifixion are left on the cross and not tampered with.

  • The Bible is old-fashioned and becoming obsolete

The bible is the most sold book since it was first printed in the 15th century. The bible has been the outline for the laws and culture of most western countries. The Ten Commandments form the basis for laws in many countries. No group, institution or government ever did so many social contributions other than people of Church. Poverty alleviation, educating children, disaster relief are all being addressed by plenty of Christ followers.