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Mysterious sea creature with no face washes washes up off the coast of Wales

A weird-looking sea creature, stretching to more than 23 feet in length with no face was washed up on the Broad Haven South Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales last week.

The mysterious sea beast, weighing around four tonnes, remains unidentified by the experts and has been reported to the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP).

Photographs surfaced online show the remains of a grey coloured husk with bone-like elements visible through the carcass. There are no identifiable heads or limbs on the beast which has started to decompose.

Matthew Westfield, the CSIP stranding coordinator for Wales noted that it is difficult to identify what it is as it is badly decomposed as it died at sea and had been dead long before it was washed up on the coast with high tides.

Its samples have been sent for testing and he added that either its missing head was decomposed or is missing. Westfield was called by a lady who thought it was a basking shark after doing a little research, but after doing an examination, it was clear that it wasn’t.

The creature smelled of rotten fish which confirmed that it wasn’t a whale as both smell differently when decomposed. Also the bone structure of the animal indicated that it wasn’t a whale but some sort of fish, he adds.

The remains of the beast would either be buried on the beach or removed in chunks or simply just let decompose.