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Mysterious monolith finally makes appearance in India

The mysterious monolith has finally surfaced in India after making multiple appearances around the world.

The structure was spotted in a Symphony Forest Park in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

The 10-foot structure is similar with metallic sheets covering three sides. However some some numbers that are etched on the monolith.

An Indian daily reported that the numbers ‘hint at a love for nature and protecting wildlife.’

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation said it knew about the monolith  in the park and that it had been placed there by the people who had developed and maintained the park.

Mysterious monolith finally makes appearance in India

The first of this series of monoliths was spotted by Utah’s Department of Public Safety officers last month. These officers were in a chopper carrying out a survey when they discovered the mysterious monolith out of nowhere. It was a regular wildlife assistance trip that turned out to be not so regular after all.

Photos of all these monoliths have sparked considerable interest among people on social media. Many found an alien connection to this monolith phenomena and some even convinced that an alien invasion is about to happen.