My administration has done more for blacks than any president since Abraham Lincoln: Trump

As the riots tore through America, US President Donald Trump said that his administration has done “more for the black community than any President since Abraham Lincoln”.

“In 3 1/2 years, I’ve done much more for our black population than Joe Biden has done in 43 years,” the US President said pitching himself against the presidential hopeful in the forthcoming elections to be held in November.

Trump said that Joe Biden had had “set them back big time with his Crime bill” while adding, “which he doesn’t even remember. I’ve done more for black Americans.”

“Passed Opportunity Zones, Guaranteed funding for HBCU’s, School choice, passed criminal justice reform, lowest black unemployment, poverty, and crime rates in history,” the US President said in a tweet.

“The possible exception of another Republican President, the late, great, Abraham Lincoln…and it’s not even close. The Democrats know this, and so does the Fake News.”

“But they refuse to write or say it because they are inherently corrupt!”

Trump witnessed the violence almost first-hand with protests in front of the White House as police fired tear gas to clear away protestors chanting anti-police slogans after an African-American George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis policeman who knelt on his neck leading to his death.

The killing sparked protests in over 30 US cities as Trump said he was “dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers” to help quell unrest.