Insane Social Media Reactions

‘Moving Truck’ outside White House sparks speculation if the Trump’s have already left

US President Donald Trump has been on the receiving end of a lot of social media trolling since the election night. During the crucial counting days, Mr Trump has come under severe criticism for spreading misinformation alleging voter fraud.

Now the spotting of a “moving truck” allegedly parked outside the White House has been causing jokes for meme lords.

A video that has been going viral on social media has garnered almost 5.5 million views. It shows a yellow truck blocking the entrance to the presidential residence in Washington.

While the writing on the truck was not discernible in the video, many on social media opined that the truck resembled those used by moving company Pesnke.

The view excited people and raised fresh speculation with many wondering if the Trump’s were moving out of the White House.

“How do we know the Trumps aren’t stealing paintings, antiques, Sterling, China! How does anyone know!” –  a user commented.

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