Motorcyclist clings onto side of speeding lorry for 33km after crash

A man in Brazil was clinging onto the side of a speeding lorry for almost 19 miles after it crashed his motorcycle killing his wife.

Anderson Antonio Pereira, 49, and his wife Sandra, 47, were enjoying a drive on his motorcycle when the lorry rammed his bike from behind in the northern coast of Santa Catarina in municipality of Pehna on Sunday.

In the accident, his newly bought motorcycle was jammed under the front of the truck.

While Anderson managed to survive by clinging onto the front door of the speeding truck for 19 miles, his wife fell on the road and suffered serious head injuries.

Unfortunately, his wife succumbed to the accident.

The 36-year-old driver of the truck is believed to have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident and he ignored Anderson’s pleas to pull over only stopping the vehicle when forced by other motorists.

The crowd dragged the driver on the road and tussled with him before handing him to the police. The driver is to be charged with murder.

Officer Uliam Soares da Silva told media that cocaine was found inside the truck and while driver showed signs of drug use he had passed a breathalyser test.

Video filmed by another motorist shows Antonio hanging onto the left door of the truck with his motorbike squashed under the front of the truck being scraped along the road.