Mother sells her only ancestral jewel to buy smartphone for daughter’s online classes

A mother in the Indian state of Odisha sold her  only pair of gold earrings so that she could buy a smartphone for her daughter’s online classes.

In a report, The Telegraph said Mason Gagan Bhoi and wife Rita were left helpless when their 13-year-old daughter Archita’s school shifted to online classes during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Archita needed a smartphone to attend online classes. Her parents did not have money needed to buy a phone, especially since her father had been left without an income for over three months due to the pandemic.

They could not take a loan either because moneylenders charge a lot of interest.

Rita then decided to sell her only gold earrings, which she had gotten from her parents during her wedding, so as to buy the phone. She said that her daughter’s future is more important than her gold earrings. Rita’s mother had given them to her and asked her to pass it on to the next generation.

Thousands of families are struggling with most schools shifting to online classes, which require a basic smartphone and a stable internet connection, which over 50 percent of Indian school going kids don’t have access to.