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Mother called ‘monster’ for choosing to laser her baby’s facial birthmark

A mother is being called a “monster” for choosing to laser her baby’s large facial birthmark.

Brooke Atkins, 33, a stay-at-home mum and partner Kewene Wallace, 27, have two children together their daughter Amarni, 2, and their six-month-old baby boy, Kingsley.

After welcoming Kingsley in January, the family realised there was a large mark covering half of his face identified as a port wine stain.

Port-wine stain birthmarks are usually harmless, but if on the face particularly over the eye it can be linked to glaucoma and a rare neurological disorder called Sturge Weber Syndrome.

Sturge-Weber syndrome causes seizures and other disabilities, while glaucoma effects vision and can cause blindness. Sadly, Kingsley was diagnosed with both.

“The thing with port wine stains is that they are progressive, meaning they will change and darken over time,” Brooke said.

“They can develop a ‘cobblestone’ appearance, with raised bumps, ridges and the risk of vascular blebs, where they dangerously bleed.”

“Once a port wine stain gets to this stage, it is often very difficult to treat and laser barely has any affect, as the skin is already far too damaged.”

On May 31, they decided to use a laser treatment on Kingsley’s mark. She said: “The only way to treat a port wine stain is through laser treatments and the most effective laser for a it is called a Pulsed Dye Laser.

“The purpose of the laser treatments are not to ‘remove’ the birthmark but instead keep the skin healthy, to prevent any further damage to the area.”

The choice to treat the mark has been slammed by trolls on TikTok, who Brooke says called her a “monster” after she shared a post about it.

One person said: “Don’t think I could laser my baby.” Another commented: “That birthmark is barely visible, what you’re doing to him is horrible, it’s more for you than him.”

“Why is everyone supporting this,” commented someone else. While others were quick to support her.

One person said: “You’re the mom and you know what is the best for him.” Another commented: “He would’ve still looked as beautiful with or without the birthmark.”


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