Most violent anti-government protests in 155 days

Schools and universities in Hong Kong remain closed on Tuesday over safety fears as protesters call for a day of traffic disruption.

Many train lines remained suspended, long queues were reported at stations.

Several protesters blocked roads, leading to closure and resulting in long traffic jams as well.

Riot police entered several universities on Tuesday, tear gas was fired to disperse students at City University.

This crackdown comes a day after intense violence in the 24 week agitation.

On Monday, one activist was shot with a live bullet at close range by police while another man was set on fire by anti-government protesters.

Both are in critical condition in hospital.

There were clashes across Hong Kong and police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters.

At the Chinese University protesters threw bricks at riot police.

More than 260 people were arrested on Monday, bringing the number of arrests to more than 3,000 since the protests began in June.

Chinese state media called protesters “thugs” and praised Hong Kong police for the way they handled the situation on Monday. In their running commentary they warned that People’s Liberation Army could back up Hong Kong forces if needed.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department has urged both the protesting side as well as riot police to maintain restraint.