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Most paid youtuber is a 7 year old – Complete List

The Forbes magazine released its annual wealth list.

This time around it included a special section for the booming Youtube industry. Here is the list of the most earning youtubers for the past year.

1 . Ryan Toy Reviews

The 7 year old Ryan who reviews toys tops the charts with annual earning of US$ 22 million.

The kid not only reviews toys but also has his merchandise of toys in leading stores like walmart all around the world. The toys used in his videos are later donated off to charity, and most of his views actually come from kids his age.

It’s very surprising that a kid leads over the likes of a pewdiepie, the logan brothers or something. Strangely interesting!

 2 .  Jake Paul 

The younger Paul brother is US$ .5 million behind Ryan. Jake Paul’s earnings for the past year have been US$ 21.5 million. Most of  his revenue has come from his merchandise, Jake has garnered 3.5 billion views from his spooky pranks and rap songs.

Jake has also been controversial like his brother, used click bait to his complete advantage to gain views. Over this time Jake has made multiple singles and was part of a series as well.

3 . Dude Perfect 

A five men crew who specialise in tricks have earned US$ 20 million. The Dude Perfect’s content consists of videos depicting various trick shots, stunts cut and up beat music.

The Dude have a show called ‘Overtime’, it’s a lighthearted entertainment in parody format. They have the worlds longest lego walk created on one of their episodes.

4 . DanTDM

Daniel Middleton, is a British gamer who has been gamer who has been livestreaming his gaming to the world six years now. He earned US$ 16.5 million, of which a majority comes from his brand of backpacks, caps and hoodies.

Daniel with over 20 million subscribers stands within the Youtube’s most 100 channels, he was part of a successful tour which he did in 2018.

5 . Jeffree Star

Jeff is a makeup artist who amasked over 10 million subscribers this year earned US$ 18 million. He launched his own brand of cosmetics, making a sales worth US$ 100 million this year.

6 . Markiplier 

Markiplier is a PS4 gamer valued at US$ 17.5 million. The gamer toured North America and signed 8 brand deals. He also started his own clothing brand called Cloak.

7 . Vanoss Gaming 

Evan Fong plays title mainstream games like COD and has been started a hip-up music culture. He still hasn’t seen success in his pop culture songs. The gamer was valued at US$ 17 million by forbes.

8 . Jacksepticeye

Sean William is the most energetic video-game commentator on YouTube. His videos as him playing and talking over video games. Sean worked for a series with Disney and is working on contect for the live-streaming twitch platform. Forbes has placed his earnings at US$ 16 million.

9 . PewDiePie

The channel Pewdiepie is the most followed channel at 72.5 million subscribers, Felix Kjellberg estimated income stood at US$ 15 million.

Despite his offensive content advertisers have spent US$ 450,000 for a promotional video.

10 . Logan Paul 

The most controversial youtuber of the year who filmed and uploaded a Japanese man committed suicide. He received a lot of backlash but still managed to earn US$ 14.5 million the past year. Plenty of  brands turned down Paul, but his merchandise sales stood strong to put him in the top 10 Forbes lists.