Monkeys live like married human couple

Two monkeys in Malaysia are living together just like a married human couple.

Jk (male) and Shaki (female) are two rescued monkeys who live like couple lives, but in their owner’s house. Both of them go to restaurants together, wear clothes and sleep like humans on bed.

“Last time in Panang Jaya, there was a nursery selling flowers and they also sold animals and they had a monkey in the cage. I tried to buy it but it was too expensive. And then one day when the business went bankrupt, they just released the monkey,” Jamil said.

He revealed he brought JK home when the monkey was just about a year old. She spotted him sitting in the middle of the road. Later, Jamil realized that he needs to have a partner for JK.

“I called my ex-teacher in Perak and asked if there was anyone looking to sell a female monkey and he said yes. So I went there and bought Shaki and she’s about the same age also. And they’ve both been with me for nine years already,” he added.

Though it took almost four years for JK and Shaki to settle in together, they act like a married couple now. They get dressed up in pretty human clothes, and go out for casual dates together.