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Monkeys kidnap 8-day-old infant throw her in the drain from roof

An eight-day-old baby girl died after monkeys allegedly threw the infant from the roof of her home.

Twin infant girls were sleeping at their house in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu state when they were attacked by monkeys on Saturday.

Their mother, Bhuvaneshwari, heard her children crying, saw them being taken from the bedroom and then started screaming, a police official said.

She rushed to the terrace and saw the monkeys with the children on the roof. “Hearing her scream, neighbours gathered to help and tried to save the children,” the police official said.

As the crowd made attempts to retrieve the babies, the monkeys dropped one child on the roof and threw her sister in the air. The infant fell into a drain and died, the official said.

The other child is said to be out of danger.

This isn’t the first incident when conflict between humans and monkeys has proved fatal in India. The problem of monkeys straying into houses, sometimes biting and attacking humans is centuries old, as human habitation has encroached upon their traditional forest habitats.

In 2020, the Indian parliament set aside funds worth INR ₹50 million rupees to fight the monkey menace in the national capital alone.