Monkey Killer?

The Uttar Pradesh police have rejected an F.I.R to be logged against monkeys who are believed be murderers Dharampal, 71 year old resident of Tikri village.

It is said that Dharampal was resting besides a pile of bricks during the noon. At that same time a troop of monkeys we’re passing by they jumped on the bricks resulted in a mountain of bricks falling on Dharampal. Dharampal suffered chest and head injuries and died succumbed to them later in a hospital.

The brother of the victim has given a written complaint with a contradictory version. His complaint reads that Dharampal was collecting wood for a religious ceremony and while doing so monkeys attacked him, leaving him bruised with multiple head and chest injuries.

The police are still to register the complaint. The police in-charge has said that “We can not register a complaint against monkeys in the area, if we do we would become a laughing stock”.

Activist have however blamed it on urbanisation, resulting in animals losing their natural habitat.