Mohamed Nasheed flown to Germany for medical treatment after assassination attempt last week

Mohamed Nasheed, the speaker of Maldives was flown to Germany for further medical treatment after last week’s attempt to assassinate him.

Mr Nasheed has been in intensive care after a bomb injured him outside his home in the capital Male on 6 May.

The former president underwent a 16 hours of surgery to remove shrapnel from his lungs, abdomen and liver.

Police have arrested three men in connection with the attack, which they say is linked to Islamic extremism.

Investigators are still searching for others believed to be involved in the attack. No group has said it carried it out.

A British national and two others were also injured when a device planted on a motorbike parked near Mr Nasheed’s car exploded.

The Maldives has faced political unrest and is a victim of militant violence.

Mr Nasheed was ousted in a coup four years after his 2008 election, but now holds the second most powerful position in parliament.