Modi’s state lawmaker threatens India’s minorities

Karnataka BJP MLA, Somashekar Reddy, threatened anti-CAA protesters and minorities in India in highly inflammatory remarks at a gathering in Bellary, where he asked demonstrators to consider what will happen if people of the majority community come out on streets against them.

“We are 80 percent (Hindus) and you are just 17 percent (Muslims). Imagine what will happen to you if we turn against you. This is my warning to you (CAA protesters), only 5% are here (at the event). If you create more trouble, if 100% of us come, what will happen to you?” Somashekar Reddy said.

“I want to warn people who are protesting. It has only been five months that we are in power and if you do too much ‘nakhra’ (drama), imagine what will happen to you when we come for you,” the MLA added.

The fresh remarks stirred a controversy amidst the ongoing protests and rallies against the contentious Citizenship Act that seeks to give citizenship to persecuted religious minorities from 3 nations, except for Muslims.

The video has of his controversial speech has gone viral on social media.

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