PM Modi mocked for radar and clouds comment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is drawing sharp criticism and ridicule from opposition leaders for remarks he made on clouds and radar during a recent TV interview with News Nation.

Modi was speaking about the airstrike India conducted in Pakistan in February when he said the weather had been bad, and described how he had felt the clouds could help Indian jets escape radar detection. He acknowledged that he was not an expert.

Eventually, Modi said, the question of whether or not to change the date of the operation was settled when he decided to go ahead with it.

The Prime Minister’s party – the BJP who tweeted about it later deleted the tweet after a social media backlash.

Below are a few reactions to Mr. Modi’s comments:-

How radars work :-

Radar transmits a directional pulse of microwave energy, waits for that signal to bounce off something and return to the receiver, then analyzes the return signal and interprets it into a picture of sorts, detailing the size and shape of whatever the signal bounced off of.

Radars are not affected by atmospheric or weather variations mostly. During rains, energy through rains or clouds could be lost but it still remains accurate enough. And this is for civilian aircraft radars.

But when your talking about military radars, they are more sophisticated and operate at high precision. It’s unlikely that their functions could be affected under bad weather conditions.

Specifically for this scenario, if the Pakistani military radars were operational they definitely would have caught Indian jets crossing over during the Balakot strikes. The advantage India had, was we caught them off guard and did something unexpected.

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