Modi Government Seen More Terrorists Attacks Than Congress

The defence minister of India, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman stirred a new controversy after her speech at the BJP national convention held in New Delhi over the weekend.

Ms. Sitaraman in her address said, “No major terrorist attack after 2014”.

These comments ignited Senior Congress leader, Mr. Chidambaram. He tweeted, “There has been no terrorist attack from Pakistan since 2014,” says Defence Minister. Will the Defence Minister take the map of India and locate Pathankot and Uri”.

He further added, “By saying these attacks were not by or from Pakistan, is the Defence Minister giving a clean chit to Pakistan in respect of the Pathankot and Uri attacks?”.

The defence minister is yet to respond to this.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion – Okay, firstly the frequency of terror activities and blasts reduced significantly over the past couple of years which is commendable. During the last 10 years of the Congress regime there use to a bomb blasts every other day. However when Home Ministry was taken over by Chidambaram briefly, things improved.

Now when the governments changed, apart from Uri and Pathankot, nothing else took headline. On the scale and magnitude when you compare such events, BJP government fairs better.

But if you glance through data of terrorist acts during the Congress and BJP governments respectively, the Modi government leads in fact.

YearNumber of incidentsDeathsInjuries

In conclusion all credit goes to no politician or government but the forces who are looking out for us. Also this is a sensitive issue, goes beyond politics and politicians. This shouldn’t be polarised whatsoever.)