Mock Presidential Seal Calls 45th President Donald Trump A Puppet

Organisers of one of US President Donald Trump rally were red faced after a fake presidential seal was projected onto a giant screen, appearing to mock Donald Trump on multiple fronts as he addressed thousands of supporters.

The person responsible for the prank was fired, despite rally organisers saying they believe the seal gaffe was an honest mistake.

The creator of the mock seal, graphic designer Charles Leazott, who is pro-Republican but anti-Trump, says he isn’t buying the story who called it mistake.

Real vs Fake Presidential Seal

In the mock seal, the bald eagle is replaced by a two-headed eagle, a national symbol of Russia.

The shield on the bird’s chest has had hammer-and-sickle symbols added.The sheaf of arrows the eagle clutches in its left talons have been replaced by a set of golf clubs, while the olive branch in the right talons has been replaced with a wad of cash.

The seal’s Latin motto, E pluribus unum – “out of many, one” – has been replaced with the Spanish “45 es un títere – translated to “45 is a puppet,” referring to Trump’s tenure as the 45th president of the United States.

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