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Mobile phone of a reporter gets stolen while gearing up for LIVE broadcast

The mobile phone of a reporter was stolen on camera just before he was about to go live on television.

In a video of the incident form Argentina’s Buenos Aires, one can see the reporter adjusting his face mask, preparing himself for the live broadcast when a thief snatched his phone and ran towards an alley.

The reporter runs after him, while locals from the area also join and run inside the alley. The camera, which was supposed to show the TV journalist presenting his report, recorded the entire incident.

Diego Demarco, the journalist in the video shouted at the thief, asking him to give his phone back. He also pleaded to the passers-by and people living in the neighbourhood to help him get his phone back, telling them that he needs it for work.

Diego, who works with a news station called En Vivo El Nueve, presented his report on air after the robbery. Luckily, people residing in the area acted swiftly and were able to recover Diego’s phone from the thief. He said that the people in the area saw the thief and were able to mark him. This helped him get his phone back.

The TV reporter also said that people in the neighbourhood came to him and apologised for the incident. Appreciating their efforts to find his asset, he said, “They were the ones who looked for it and found it.”

The economy of Argentina is in a bad shape and therefore crimes such as robbery are common.