Mobile Hotels in Future?

A Canadian designed the Autonomous travel suite (ATS) which could change the hospitality industry forever. It combines the hotel architecture with futuristic technology to revolutionise the way we travel.

The ATS is more like a self driving mobile room. It is equipped with foam mattress, kitchen, work space, toilet, shower and an entertainment zone.

ATSs’ will be offered in various sizes to meet demands of solo travellers, couples and families. The entire system will be controlled by a mobile application.

The autonomous chain of hotels will provide a road safety, vehicle maintenance, and waste removal.

All the ATS mobiles will run on a battery, service vehicles will plug in recharged batteries when power runs low. Hydrogen fueled batteries would be used due to its long driving range.

Travellers need to choose their parent suite in order to avail other shared facilities like swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and meeting rooms.

The company believes that the ATS will replace domestic air travel, and eliminate check in ques, baggage counters and transfer counters.

US car makers have already been testing self driving cars, but it would take a decade for the public infrastructure to be built.