Missing man found dead inside a large dinosaur statue in Spain

A 39-year-old man in Spain who was reported missing was found dead inside a large dinosaur statue.

According to reports, a father-son duo, noticed some smell coming out from the papier-mache stegosaurus in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a satellite town of Barcelona. On inching close to the dinosaur statue, father saw the corpse through a crack in the Stegosaurus’ hollow leg. They further approached the authorities.

After learning about the incident, authorities called three fire brigade teams to the site. Firefighters cut open the dinosaur leg and retrieved the body of the man.

A local media report claimed that the man was trying to retrieve his mobile phone which by mistake he had dropped inside the mighty figure. While doing so, he slipped and fell into the decorative figure. He got trapped upside down and was not able to call for help.

Though police have not yet confirmed how the man ended up inside the mighty figure. They are waiting for the autopsy report to find out the cause of death. Officer also added that autopsy will also clear that since how long the body was there in the statue. However, the officer added that “it seems he was there for a couple of days.”

The spokesperson of the regional police force said that no foul play is being suspected in the 39-year-old’s death. She said that “it’s an accidental death” as there was no violence. She further added that it looks like the man entered the statue, head first, and just couldn’t get out.

According to local media the dead man, who has not been named, had been reported missing by his family a few hours before his body was retrieved.