Missing British man found dead near campsite in Australia

Australian police found dead a missing British man Aslan King, three days after he disappeared while camping.

The 25-year-old had been camping with friends in a popular tourist region in Victoria when he was last seen on Saturday.

His body was found about a kilometre (0.6 miles) away in a creek. Victoria Police said the cause of his death was still under investigation.

An illustrator by profession, King relocated to Australia two weeks ago from Brighton.

Authorities said King had been with four friends when he hit his head on the ground and suffered a suspected seizure. He then ran into surrounding bushland and may have been disoriented, the police said.

“This is why it made it so hard for us [to search] because there was no intelligence to suggest why he left or where he went,” Sgt Danny Brown said.

“His behaviour took everyone by surprise. By all accounts he was a very fit, physically and mentally.”

Officers said the search was difficult because of the thick vegetation, rocky clifftops and deep coastal waters in the region.