Ministers Rajnath Singh and Jitendra Singh set eyes on Pakistan occupied Kashmir next

Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Sunday said after the revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, people should now pray for the integration of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) with India in their lifetime.

“After this historic step, let us move forward with a positive thinking of freeing PoK from the illegal occupation of Pakistan and making it an integral part of the country in accordance with the unanimously passed resolution in Parliament (in 1994). Let us pray that we see the integration of PoK with the country and people freely visit Muzaffarabad,” Singh said at a meet organised by the state BJP at party headquarters in Jammu.

On Sunday, the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh too while addressing a group in Haryana he signalled the country’s tough stand on Pakistan, suggesting that should bilateral talks happen, it would not be on Jammu and Kashmir, but Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

#Opinion: It is to be seen if the government are making these statements just to sail through the next state elections or if their words mean action. On the contrary India has always shied away from giving such kind of public threats to China who also illegally controls a part Kashmir.