Miners Trapped – No Pump To Drain Water

There are thirteen miners trapped in a flooded mine in Meghalaya since 13th December. Rescuers are unable to locate and rescue the miners as the mine is flooded. They have been waiting for a powerful 100 horse power pump motor to drain the water out.

The state government of Meghalaya doesn't have the equipment, officials are currently using a 25 horsepower pump. The flood waters haven't been receding, the state government nor the central government has made any attempts to send in rescue.

The NDRF personnel are at the site of the mine in Janitai hills, but they still have not located the miners. Divers were called in, however since the terrain is tricky the water levels need to recede below 40 feet in order for the divers to get into the mine. The current water levels are touching 70 feet.

The rescue officials are waiting for a more powerful pump to arrive to drain the water and locate the stranded miners.

The mine is getting flooded due to a close by river, and an abandoned flooded mine in the neighborhood.

Rahul Gandhi took to twitter to bring the government's attention on this issue. He targeted the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had time to pose for pictures at the Bogibeel Bridge but couldn't help stranded miners in Meghalaya.







Rat hole mining was banned in Meghalaya in 2014 it still continues illegally.