Miners close to trapped Spanish toddler Jullen Rosello -Day 12

Miners are hours away from rescuing the 2 year old toddler Julen Rosello who fell into an illegal borewell on the 13th of January. The nation and the world are looking closely as the rescue operations are in its final moments.

Elite miners are digging a 4 meter horizontal tunnel, and had completed digging 2.5 meters upto late Friday afternoon. Miners are equipped with oxygen tanks, and also kits to extract any contaminated air or gas underground. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the miners are less than a meter away from the boy.

Today is the 12th day since the boy fell into the narrow illegal borewell. The rescue crew have not made any contact with the boy all through these days. On Monday (21st Jan), the search and rescue crew completed digging of a 60 meter shaft parallel to the borewell the boy was trapped in.

Due to technical difficulties the crew were unable to secure the 60 feet shaft, after further drilling tubes put in to secure the shaft. The last 4 meters needed to be hand dug by mining experts to reach the boy. It is close to 24 hours since the miners started work. The tricky terrain and complex procedure has delayed the rescue operations.

Hopefully, in the next few hours we should learn the status of the 2 year old boy.