Milwaukee school fears kids would get ‘spoiled’ if they are fed free meals

A suburban Milwaukee school district is meeting to possibly reconsider opting out of a federally funded free meal program.

The move met with widespread criticism from parents after school board members said they were concerned participating students would “become spoiled.”

The Waukesha school board has planned a special meeting on Monday to further discuss its participation in the program.

The meeting comes after parents and other advocates put pressure on the board to reconsider.

The Alliance for Education in Waukesha held a rally outside the district office on Friday to call for reinstating the program.

The state education department says Waukesha is the state’s only district eligible for the program to drop out.

According to a program by the US department of agriculture, public schools may offer lunch or breakfast to any child between the age of 1 to 18 free of charge.

The federal funded program aims to ensure children don’t go hungry as a result of economic turmoil from the coronavirus pandemic.