Microsoft beats Apple as the most valuable company

Microsoft pipped Apple to become the most valuable company, this happened after 15 year interval.

The software giant ended Friday with a market value of more than $851bn compared with Apple’s $847bn. The iPhone maker has seen its share price plunge in recent weeks, finally lost its lead.

Apple’s shares have fallen almost 25% since October, the fall has been steeper after the poor sale projection of the newer iPhones. The company might suffer majorly as the US-China tariff war escalates.

In terms of revenue and profits Apple will still remain the leader.

What turned around for Microsoft?

  • Satya Nadella’s appointment as Microsoft chief executive four and a half years ago surprised many, but it pays off today.
  • Nadella abandoned the mobile phone strategy, and returned Microsoft to its business-to-business roots with acquisitions like LinkedIn and GitHub paid off.
  • Nadella’s decision for Microsoft to focus on products around the Cloud infrastructure, and close the gap behind Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft owes much to the decline of its two main rivals Apple and Amazon. It’s almost like a second chance and Satya Nadella definitely would know the importance of this feat.