Michigan teacher taking online classes saves life of a student’s grandmother

There have been funny viral videos of online classes over Zoom. From photobombs to noise disturbances the internet has seen it all. However, an online class just saved a life in Michigan.

A first-grade teacher from Michigan Elementary school, Julia Koch, is being praised for saving a student’s grandmother. She was teaching her students from Edgewood Elementary School virtually on September 22.

During the class, a student’s grandparent called her to inform that there was some connection error. Cynthia Phillips, the grandmother, had some issues with her granddaughter’s tablet. Koch noticed that there was something wrong with Phillips’s voice.

Koch in an interview said it was obvious that something was “very wrong”. She said that Phillips’s words were so jumbled she couldn’t understand anything she tried to say. Alerted by her instincts, she called up the school’s principal, Charlie Lovelady, in Muskegon Heights. Lovelady remained on the call as she instructed another staff member to call 911.

“I noticed her speech was impaired, and I asked her if she was alright, and she was stumbling over her words and it was getting worse by the minute,” said Lovelady.

Lovelady’s father had a stroke so she was familiar with the symptoms. He knew what was happening and requested everyone to hold on till help arrived. Despite calling the ambulance, Lovelady also sent two of his employees to the house so that the young children could be taken under their care.

Phillips survived the attack but she realises what a close call it had been. She was thankful that she didn’t die in front of the kids and grateful to the school secretary who came to her house immediately. She is still in the hospital but making a substantial recovery.