Miami woman has a close face-off with a shark while swimming on her birthday in Bahamas

A woman from Miami who simply spent her birthday out on a friend’s yacht had careful experience after coming in close proximity with a  shark.

During her ride on the yacht in the waters of the Bahamas, Iso Machado decided to take a dive in and swim a little. Little did she know that her plunge came at the time when the yacht was being visited by a 8 ft shark. The entire incident has been captured in a video by her friend, Kevan Sarota.

Iso was swimming comfortably into the blue water when she got to know about a shark lurking just a few feet away from her. She was notified by the crew member Kevan. Meanwhile, her son Anthony can be heard saying, “Oh my God, oh my god, Mom. Don’t freak out.” Iso followed the instructions and indeed remained calm to come out of the situation without any harm.

Talking to Jam Press, Sarota explained “We were worried and immediately jumped in to make sure Iso was okay. It changed directions [towards her], but she remained calm and it bumped her then continued on its way.”

While any other swimmer would be terrified to have such an encounter with a shark, Iso felt lucky to have lived that moment.