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MG Motor India converts, Hector, its mid-size SUV into an ambulance

MG Motor India is doing its bit to provide healthcare workers and authorities all the help possible. The company is helping Max Ventilator to increase the production of ventilators, has provided 100 Hector SUVs to various authorities and also donated ₹ 2 crore towards to help them fight COVID-19.

Now, MG Motor India teamed up with Ahmedabad-based Natraj Motor Body Builders and has retrofitted an MG Hector as an ambulance. MG’s engineering team was a part of this project as well and the entire process took 10 days.

The MG Hector Ambulance includes features like oxygen system with cylinder, an imported auto loading stretcher, fire extinguisher, medicine cabinet with 5 parameter monitor, internal lighting and top light bar with siren and amplifier, live saving medical equipment and an inverter with battery and sockets.

MG India will also offer its service workshops to sanitise their vehicles. Post the end of the ongoing lockdown, Police teams can take their patrolling vehicles, irrespective of its brand, make or model, to an authorised MG service workshop and get them completely sanitised. The service will be provided to the Police Force free-of-cost.