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Meteor explosion in Turkey turns the sky green, leaving citizens in awe

The skies in Izmir, Turkey, turned green recently, leaving people in awe.

A Twitter user named Halil Ibrahim Cakan uploaded a video of this mystical view, triggering multiple conspiracy theories.

The video shows a ball of fire plummeting from the sky. as it hides behind the clouds for a very brief moment, it bursts into a blinding light, turning the whole sky green. The glow further intensifies until it makes everything disappear into white before the ball of fire collapses somewhere in the remote lands with a loud bang.

Another video shows it from a different angle. In this video, the green ball of fire is clearly visible.

Many thought it to be an alien trick, while other users were certain that a UFO had been spotted in the sky.

Putting the theories to rest Dr Hasan Ali Dal, associate director at the Aegean University Observatory, stated that the unusual green ‘fireball’ is actually a meteor.

Meteors generally light up, oozing bright colours as they begin to burn while entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

The meteor is a part of the Perseids Meteor Shower, which was scheduled to start on July 26. The shower was spotted by NASA, and it is believed to peak around August 11, when almost 50 meteors can be spotted in an hour, making Perseids one of the biggest meteor showers of the year.