Mercedes luxury car worth $100,000 bursts into flames as driver attempts burnout

A ‘burnout session’ for a $100,000 Mercedes ended tragically after the car caught fire with the driver and passengers escaping narrowly.

The incident took place in Chester Hill in a quiet suburban street in Sydney, when a 25-year-old man trying to flaunt his Mercedes Benz AMG C63S in front of a crowd landed himself in a horrifying situation.

While stunts were being performed with the luxury vehicle, smoke began to come out of the car and it burst into flames.

The crowd panicked and instructed the three passengers to get out of the car. The trio made a hasty exit from the car, luckily, without injuries.

The irresponsible stunt completely destroyed the car and damaged the road too and Fire and Rescue NSW were called to the spot to handle the crisis.

The police investigated the case and have charged the driver with dangerous and negligent driving.