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Melbourne driver claims her $40,000 car’s sunroof exploded on busy highway, shattering glass


A woman claimed the sunroof on her $40,000 SUV exploded while she was driving along a busy highway and has now been left with a $1,000 bill to repair it.

The woman said she had been driving her MG HS Anfield at 95k/hr along the Melbourne highway when the sunroof shattered on Wednesday.

She immediately pulled over to the side of the road, stepped out of her car and pulled out her phone to record the damage, before uploading the footage to TikTok.

‘Hey people, don’t buy an MG,’ she says in the video.

‘This is my brand new MG HS Anfield I bought in mid-February. The sunroof exploded on top of me sending glass everywhere.’

Broken glass is seen scattered around the front and back seats with shards also littering the carpet.

‘Lucky my step kids weren’t in the backseat,’ the mother says.

A massive hole is also seen in the sunroof with a little less than half of the glass panel missing.

The driver says she contacted MG following the incident and was told she would need to pay for the repairs.

‘MG are saying I’m liable as they can see where a small rock has hit the front of the sun roof,’ she said.

‘It’s $990 to fix plus a 12 week wait. What an absolute joke.’

MG Motors was created by British carmaker Cecil Kimber in the late 1920s.

The company changed hands several times over the decades and is currently owned by the Chinese company SAIC Motor Corporation Limited.