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Melania Trump’s reaction after greeting Ivanka Trump is a treasure for meme lords

The Republican National Convention 2020 is turning out to be a content treasure for meme lords.

The cameras captured US First Lady Melania Trump’s reaction upon greeting her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump, who introduced her father and incumbent US President Trump during a speech at the event on Thursday.

Melania smiles at Ivanka, but her smile quickly fades into an expression of shock, anger or may be just disapproval, as she walks past her.


The expression has social media abuzz with memes and jokes.

A user wrote, “They dislike each other. Who can blame them? They both have a lot to be disliked”.

Another wrote, “It’s the eyes of a person that’s trapped in a loveless marriage and surrounded by soulless people”.

Earlier, Melania hit the headlines with her bright green dress that she wore to the RNC for her husband and US President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. The green of her dress was just like the green screen and that was the moment for meme lords of the Internet who overlaid the First lady’s dress with graphs, charts, headlines and news about the coronavirus and even campaign posters for Joe Biden.

Trump formally accepted his party’s nomination to take on Democrat challenger Joe Biden in the US’ November election at the four-day convention which came to a close on Thursday.