Meat seller loses half-a-million worth currency notes after termites feast on his life savings

A meat seller in India’s Andhra Pradesh state lost half-a-million worth currency notes (INR ₹5 lakh or approximately USD $7,000) after termites feasted on them without his knowledge in the past few months.

“Jamalayya stuffed the cash in a plastic bag and saved them in a trunk to protect the money from the clutches of his son who would grab from him to booze,” police said.

According to police, Jamalayya was saving money to build a house in Mylavaram.

He stuffed the money in a plastic bag made out of used fertilizer bags.

“We had heavy rains in 2020 and during inclement weather, termites problem is big. So the insects feasted on the currency notes,a said the official.

The poor man’s innocence of what was happening with his hard earned cash got shattered when he reached into the trunk as he wanted to repay a debt to somebody.

After discovering the loss he suffered, all of Jamalyya’s family members emptied the trunk on a bed and onto the ground to sit around and salvage as much as they could.

Jamalayya approached a local bank to see if they would accept bitten off currency notes, if not he has decided to approach the Reserve Bank of India.