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McDonald’s workers handed dog diapers and coffee filters instead of face masks settle dispute

A California McDonald’s franchise settled a Covid-19 safety lawsuit with their employer, closing a dispute that drew attention for its month-long strike following an outbreak of cases and for the workers’ claims that they were given dog diapers and coffee filters instead of face masks.

The Workers at an Oakland McDonald’s won paid sick leave, personal protective equipment and a workplace safety committee in their settlement with the franchise owner, which Bloomberg Law reported was brought by more than two dozen employees and family members.

The worker safety committee is the first at a McDonald’s restaurant, a spokesperson for Fight for $15, a labor advocacy group that helped the McDonald’s workers file the lawsuit.

The committee, made of at least three workers and one manager, will meet monthly to make sure the store is following the settlement and other public health rules.

The settlement also requires the franchise to allow for social distancing, sanitize equipment and surfaces and, if a worker tests positive for Covid, to give them paid leave while they quarantine.

The franchise owner did not admit wrongdoing in the settlement agreement.

“Last year when McDonald’s tried to treat us like dogs, we didn’t sit down or stay silent. We joined together and fought for our dignity as human beings and we won,” said plaintiff Angely Lambert.